5. Augmentation

Our skills can be significantly boosted by technology and tools, provided we know how to take good advantage of that possibility.

5.1 Traditional methods to boost memory, concentration, etc

5.2 Uses of personal, wearable, and embedded technologies

Examples of potential benefits of a contemporary wearable devices

The Fitbit Charge 5

5.3 Biofeedback mechanisms

5.4 Roles for brain-computer interfaces

“Applications of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs)” by BCI Guys
“The Future of Brain Machine Interfaces” with Shivon Zilis, Project Director at Neuralink
“Why You Shouldn’t Upload Your Brain To A Computer” by Polina Anikeeva
“Debugging Neuralink, Part 1” by Common Sense Skeptic
“Debugging Neuralink, Part 2” by Common Sense Skeptic

5.5 Tools that can act like a “personal guardian angel”

5.6 Tools and techniques to strengthen critical thinking

“Characteristics of Critical Thinkers” by Hannah Knecht
“This tool will help improve your critical thinking” by Erick Wilberding
“Five simple strategies to sharpen your critical thinking” by BBC Ideas

5.7 Tools and techniques to boost creativity

5.8 Tools and techniques to boost resilience

“The three secrets of resilient people” by Lucy Hone
“Resilience Overview Documentary” – US Army Video

5.9 Tools and techniques to widen or deepen perspective

5.10 The impact of various “consciousness raising” practices

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