20. Culture

A significant determinant of human flourishing is the culture around us. How might culture change over the next few years?

Resources providing an overall introduction to culture:

“The Cultural Iceberg” by Intercultural English
“How Culture Drives Behaviours” by Julien S. Bourrelle

20.1 Societies with increasingly diverse subcultures

“Queering Public Space” by Arup

20.2 Limits to tolerant coexistence

John Locke’s argument for religious tolerance – from the Fraser Institute

20.3 Coexistence with AIs and robots

“Coexistence of Humans & AI” by Isaac Arthur

20.4 Coexistence with animals with uplifted capabilities

“Uplift – Should We Give Animals Sentience” by Billy Goat Ideas
“Uplifting Animal & Aliens, Part 1” by Isaac Arthur and John Michael Godier

20.5 Options for the future of work

“A world without work: technology, automation and how we should respond” with Daniel Susskind, at the Oxford Martin School

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