Vital Syllabus: Connect


To assist the development of Vital Syllabus, or just to find out what other people are saying about this project, please accept this invitation to join the Vital Syllabus Discord server.

Note: if you’ve not used Discord before, you’ll probably soon become comfortable in using it. But you may have to “prove that you are human” before the Discord server lets you join!


If you prefer to engage using Facebook instead of Discord, here’s a Facebook Group for Vital Syllabus.


If LinkedIn is where you like to operate, here’s a LinkedIn Group for Vital Syllabus.

Financial support

Donations are another way to support Vital Syllabus.

Note that these donations to support Vital Syllabus will be processed through the Future Surge PayPal account.

Donations can be made as a one-time payment, or can be set to repeat every month until stopped.

Payment is accepted via a PayPal account. (It is also possible to use the PayPal interface as a guest, without creating a PayPal login.) Please click on the following button:

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