24. Ultimate Futures

What options are there for the ultimate future, for us as individuals, and for humanity as whole?

24.1 Picotech and femtotech

24.2 Ultimate physics: births and deaths of universes

“How far is the edge of the universe?” by Fermilab

24.3 Beyond human death: cryonics and reanimation

Background to cryonics:

“Why cryonics makes sense” – Wait But Why essay by Tim Urban

“Inside the lab working to bring people back from the dead” – BBC video featuring Alcor

“Would You Freeze Yourself in A Cryo Chamber to See The Future?” by Life Noggin
Features the Cryonics Institute. Source: “Die. Freeze Body. Store. Revive” by The Atlantic

24.4 Space-time engineering and technological resurrection

Cosmism and the Future of Religion, with Giulio Prisco

24.5 The transcension hypothesis

“The Transcension Hypothesis – What comes after the singularity?” by Jason Silva

24.6 The simulation hypothesis

“Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument” by Kurzgesagt
“Why You’re Probably Not a Simulation” by David Kipping for Cool Worlds Lab

24.7 Parallel multiverse branches: communication beyond base reality

“What’s outside the universe” by James Beacham
“Bell’s Theorem: The Quantum Venn Diagram Paradox” by MinutePhysics and 3Blue1Brown
“The Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics” by Sean Carroll

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