8. Longevity

A remarkable possibility deserves more attention: just a few decades into the future, lifespans may be significantly extended, with people being in a good state of health throughout. This subject includes the scientific basis for age reversal interventions, the social implications of widespread adoption of these treatments, the moral case for accelerating these interventions, and actions that can be taken in support of that outcome.

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Some general courses covering longevity:

  • The Longevity Education Hub: “Longevity Medicine courses were developed by a group of physicians and scientists to facilitate the adoption of biomarkers of aging and longevity, as well as the latest advances in aging research in the medical community. A consortium of scientists and medical doctors have collaborated to define the new field of longevity medicine.”

8.1 The science of age-reversal

Opportunities for lives in a state of permanent youthful vitality:

“Science rejuvenates woman’s skin cells to 30 years younger” – BBC News
What is Aging? PhD Comics Animation with João Pedro de Magalhães
“Getting older without getting old” by Andrew Steele at the Royal Institution

See also:

8.2 The ethics of age-reversal

8.2.1 General arguments

Story by Nick Bostrom, animation by CGP Grey
“The arguments against life extension” analysed and countered by Patrick Linden

See also:

8.2.2 Overpopulation and resource usage?

“Why curing death won’t lead to overpopulation” by Andrew Steele, On the Edge
“Would curing ageing destroy the planet?” by Andrew Steele

8.2.3 Immortal tyrants?

“Immortal dictators” by LifeXtenShow

8.2.4 Unequal access to age-reversal?

8.3 The social implications of age-reversal

8.3.1 Bankrupting pension schemes?

8.3.2 The Longevity Dividend

“The Economics of a Longevity Dividend” with Andrew Scott at the Gerontological Society of America

8.3.3 Social stagnation and renewal

8.4 Accelerating the advent of age-reversal

8.4.1 Understanding psychological opposition

“Understanding the opposition to long-term extension of the human lifespan” – Thomas Pyszczynski at SENS
“What reassurances do the community need regarding life extension?” – Mair Underwood at SENS

8.4.2 Historical examples of extensions

“Extra Life: A short history of living longer”: Steven Johnson interviewed by Tim Harford

8.4.3 Robust Mouse Rejuvenation

8.4.4 Regulatory reform?

8.4.5 Actions by members of the public

Changing the probability for achieving radical longevity for all by 2040 – presentation by David Wood at VSIM:21

8.5 New options for fertility and pregnancy

Synthetic wombs (ectogenesis):

“What if women never had to give birth again” – BBC Reel
“Artificial Wombs, Ectogenesis, and the Future of Human Reproduction” by Transhumania

8.6 Broader considerations about physical health

Without good physical health, many other aspects of our lives are diminished. Conversely, as our physical health improves to unprecedented levels, it opens the possibility for unprecedented levels of personal wellbeing.

8.6.1 Living long enough to live indefinitely

8.6.2 Improving the health of our brains

“A precision approach to end Alzheimer’s Disease” by Dale Bredesen
“What you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s” by Lisa Genova

8.6.3 Augmenting the body

“How we’ll become cyborgs and extend human potential” by Hugh Herr
“Human Augmentation Is Coming And It Is CRAZY!” by Tech Craze

8.6.4 Accelerating personalised medicine

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