17. Science

We are frequently urged to “respect the science”. But what does this mean? How can we distinguish between “good science” and “bad science” (also known as pseudoscience)?

17.1 When scientists were mistaken

17.2 Normal science and revolutionary science

17.3 Debates over scientific methods

An introduction to the ideas of Karl Popper on Science vs. Pseudoscience: Crash Course Philosophy
“Nonsense on Stilts: Separating Science from Bunk” by Massimo Pigliucci

17.4 Science and human nature

“Introduction to Psychology” by John Gabrieli for MIT

Evolutionary psychology:

“The Evolution of Desire” featuring David Buss, on the Jordan Peterson podcast

17.5 Cognitive biases

17.6 Social pressures on science

“The Misinformation Age” – Cailin O’Connor and James Owen Weatherall – The Open Mind
“The Constitution of Knowledge” with Jonathan Rauch

17.7 Science and consciousness

“Towards an artificial consciousness?” – Mark Solms at London Futurists

17.8 Science and parascience (parapsychology)

Extraordinary Claims: UQx Think101 Conversation with Richard Wiseman
“Why people believe weird things” – by Michael Shermer

17.9 Potential limits of science

Science and human values:

“Science can answer moral questions” by Sam Harris at TED

Transcendent questions:

“Why does the universe exist” by Jim Holt
“Our Mathematical Universe” with Max Tegmark at the Royal Institute

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