16. Numeracy

Although everyone learns some basic arithmetic in junior school, there are some areas of numeracy and analysis that have become particularly important in the 2020s, to which mainstream education pays too little attention.

16.1 Exponentials

“Exponential Growth: a Commonsense Explanation” by Generally Interested
“Exponential growth and epidemics” by 3Blue1Brown
“Understanding exponential trends – Exponential Mindset” by Fitzroy Academy

16.2 Probabilities

16.3 Lies, damned lies, and statistics

“This is How Easy It Is to Lie with Statistics” by Zach Star
“How We’re Fooled By Statistics” by Derek Muller for Veritasium

16.4 Estimating harm vs. ruin

16.5 Complexity

16.6 Numeracy for privacy and security

Zero-knowledge proofs, explained in 5 levels of difficulty by Amit Sahai

16.7 Numeracy for fairness vs. bias

“Why it’s mathematically impossible to share fair” by Stand-up Maths

16.8 Game theory

“Game Theory: The Science of Decision-Making” by Hank Green for SciShow
“What game theory teaches us about war” by Simon Sinek

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