13. Governance

What regulations and incentives could, and should, society collectively apply to steer the development of technology and its consequences? Awareness of the possible mechanisms of governance is vitally important.

Resources providing an overall introduction to governance:

“The future of tech as a regulated industry”: 17 minute presentation by Benedict Evans at Wired Live in November 2020

13.1 Regulating technologies

“Responsible Regulation: From Dynamite to Technology” – discussion between Tristan Harris and Audrey Cronin, Center for Humane Technology
“The Social Dilemma’s Tristan Harris on Technology Moving Faster Than Regulation” with Joe Rogan

13.2 Incentivising technologies

13.3 Dimensions of governance

13.3.1 Beyond left vs. right

13.3.2 Evidence-based policy vs. ideology-based policy

13.3.3 Centralisation vs. decentralisation

13.4 Styles of governance

13.4.1 Egalitarianism and its issues

“Power, Equality of Outcome & Egalitarianism” by Kate Wand for AIER

13.4.2 Meritocracy and its issues

“The tyranny of merit” by Michael Sandel, TED Talk (short)
“The Tyranny of Merit” by Michael Sandel, Radboud Reflects

13.4.3 Redistribution and its issues

13.4.4 Socialism and its issues

13.4.5 Libertarianism and its issues

13.5 Technoprogressive governance

13.5.1 The narrow corridor

“The Narrow Corridor” – James Robinson at the Pearson Global Forum
“The Narrow Corridor: States, Societies, and the Fate of Liberty” with Daron Acemoglu at the Cato Institute

13.5.2 Lean governance

13.5.3 Self-regulating technologies

13.5.4 Trustable monitoring

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