11. Technologies

Since technologies can cause profound change, it’s important to understand them – their past, present, and possible future.

11.1 Industrial revolutions

11.1.1 The structure of industrial revolutions

“Capitalism, technology and innovation” by Carlota Perez

11.1.2 Technologies and overhang

11.1.3 The fourth industrial revolution

Conversation about “NBIC” on Humanity Unshackled

11.2 Products and platforms

Erik Brynjolfsson on “Machine, Platform, Crowd” at the RSA

11.3 Core technologies

11.3.1 Nanotech

Nanotechnology explained at 5 levels of difficulty, by George Tulevski

11.3.2 Biotech

“The Genesis Machine” – Amy Webb and Andrew Hessel ,Talks at Google

11.3.3 Infotech

Machine Learning explained at 5 levels of difficulty, by Hilary Mason
“The Power of Self-Learning Machines” with Demis Hassabis
“AI for the Next Era” – Sam Altman in conversation with Reid Hoffman at Greylock

11.3.4 Cognotech

“How the brain will be enhanced in the future” by Tan Le at TEDxSanFrancisco
The brain support for memory, explained at 5 levels of difficulty, by Daphna Shohamy
“Kernel, Bryan Johnson, and Neuralink” by Ryan Tanaka

11.3.5 Quantum tech

Quantum computing explained at 5 levels of difficulty, by Talia Gershon
“How Quantum Computers Break Encryption: Shor’s Algorithm Explained” by MinutePhysics

11.4 Technology applications

See also – elsewhere in the Vital Syllabus

  • Augmentation (5)
  • Health technology (7 and 8)
  • Education technology (11.5)
  • Social tech (11.5)

11.4.1 Energy

“How space-based solar power can save the planet” by the Financial Times
“Why don’t we all just use Geothermal Energy?” by Just Have A Think
“Is Nuclear Power Green?” by Sabine Hossenfelder
“How close is nuclear fusion power?” by Sabine Hossenfelder

Good sources of supplementary information:

11.4.2 Food

“The End of Animal Farming” by Jacy Reese Anthis at TEDxUniversityofMississippi
“Moo’s Law” – Jim Mellon at Animal Humans

11.4.3 Clothing

11.4.4 Shelter

“How we can turn the cold of outer space into a renewable resource” (improved cooling for buildings) – Aaswath Raman at TED

11.4.5 Robotics

11.4.6 Extended Reality

Virtual Reality explained at 5 levels of difficulty, by John Carmack

11.4.7 Space tech

11.5 Social tech

11.4.1 Access to finance

11.4.2 Access to computation

11.4.3 Access to data

“What is Ethereum? A Beginner’s Explanation in Plain English” by 99Bitcoins

11.4.4 Access to markets

11.4.5 Access to regulations

11.4.6 Access to privacy

11.4.7 Access to security

11.4.8 Access to education

11.4.9 Access to politics

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