Vital Syllabus: News

This page highlights updates to the Vital Syllabus project.

3rd Dec 2022

Statistics on which areas of the Vital Syllabus have been viewed most often so far, since the materials have been moved to their own dedicated website:

(The remaining 16 areas make up a long tail with the remaining 12.9% of the views.)

28th Nov 2022

Five pieces of news deserve highlighting:

1.) A project report video (10 minutes) has been released:

2.) A Facebook Group for Vital Syllabus has been established: – for people who prefer Facebook to Discord

3.) And if your preference is LinkedIn, here’s a group on that site

4.) For those who are able to provide some financial assistance to the project, a “donate to Vital Syllabus” option has been provided on our Connect page

5.) The Vital Syllabus now appears on the Partners page of the Alternative Planetary Futures Institute.

23rd Nov 2022

The migration has now completed to this site of all Vital Syllabus material from its original home on the London Futurists website.

All 24 top-level pages have been migrated, and various refreshments and improvements have taken place in the process.

The next task is to work through a backlog of ideas and suggestions for material to be added into various pages.

Please take a look at the various pages as they now exist, and provide feedback via the links on the Connect page. Thanks!

23rd Sept 2022

The page Leading Change has been created on this new website, with significant updates from what had previously been available:

  • Several sections now have substantial textual descriptions, to complement the videos that were previously available
  • The material has been reorganised
  • A new diagram has been provided at the start of the page.

This page is particularly important since it summarises advice applicable to the success of all transformational projects, including Vital Syllabus itself (and also Future Surge).

The page is far from complete: suggestions are welcomed, for improving it further.

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