12. Economics

Access to money and other scarce resources will remain critical for the accomplishment of many important tasks. A good understanding of economics – past, present, and future – is essential in order to avoid major mistakes with the management of resources.

Resources providing an overall introduction to economics:

“Economics is for Everyone!” by Ha-Joon Chang, RSA Animate
“Eating Economics Better” -by Ha-Joon Chang, Khazanah Megatrends Forum
“How the Economic Machine Works” by Ray Dalio

12.1 Free markets

12.1.1 The positive accomplishments of free markets

Animated version of Leonard E. Read’s essay “I, Pencil”, by EconClips

12.1.2 The failure modes of free markets

“Market Failures, Taxes, and Subsidies”: Jacob Clifford and Adriene Hill for Crash Course Economics
“Market Failures: Externalities” by Jonathan Gruber for MIT
Cartels and planned obsolescence, by Derek Muller for Veritasium
The changing nature of competition: “Rethinking Capitalism” with Thomas Philippon at the Wheeler Institute

12.1.3 The tragedy of the commons

“The Tragedy of the Commons: How to Avoid it” by EconClips

12.2 Planned economies

12.2.1 The failure modes of planning

12.2.2 The positive accomplishments of planning

“Walmart proves planned economies work” with Leigh Phillips at Jacobin

12.2.3 Public goods

“Public Goods” by EconplusDal

12.3 The mixed model

FTC Chair Lina Khan in conversation with Chicago Booth Professor Guy Rolnik at the Stigler Center

12.3.1 Separation of responsibilities

12.3.2 Business for good

12.3.3 Money and banking for good

“Banking Explained – Money and Credit” by Kurzgesagt

12.3.4 Productivity

12.3.5 Industrial strategy

12.4 Cryptoeconomics

12.4.1 Cryptocurrencies

Positive assessments of cryptocurrencies:

“What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin explained simply” by 99Bitcoins

Sceptical assessments of cryptocurrencies:

“Why Bitcoin is a Scam” by Doug Henwood for the Gravel Institute
“Blockchain – Innovation or Illusion?” by American Scream

12.4.2 Tokenomics

“What is Tokenomics” by Amarpreet Singh

12.5 The circular economy

12.5.1 Encouraging circulation

12.5.2 Property and its drawbacks

12.6 Social safety nets and social contracts

“What We Owe Each Other” by Minouche Shafik-| Hay Festival Books

12.6.1 UBI and alternatives

“The Case for Basic Income” by Geoff Crocker
“Utopia for Realists – The Case for a Universal Basic Income” by Rutger Bregman
“UBI – The questions that deserve the most attention” by David Wood at UBIA2018
“UBI: What have we learned” by David Wood at UBIA2018

12.6.2 FALC

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