4. Creativity

Success and progress often involves going beyond what we have previously explored. That’s true of life in general, but is particularly true in a time of turbulence and disruption. We need, therefore, to be skilled in going beyond existing methods and solutions.

4.1 Methods for generating innovative new ideas

“The 6 Characteristics of Truly Creative People” by Tina Seelig
“Secrets of the Creative Brain” by Nancy Andreasen

The benefit of taking a different perspective:

An example creativity problem, by Presh Talwalker

4.2 Methods of evaluating innovative new ideas

4.3 Methods for transforming new ideas into actual solutions

“Innovation = Creativity + Delivery” by Nathan Marston for McKinsey & Company

4.4 Methods to decide between innovation and the status-quo

4.5 Design and creativity

“The five stages of the Design Thinking process” by InVision

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