6. Collaboration

Our individual capabilities – our skills in thinking and action – can be significantly boosted by working together with friends and colleagues, provided we know how to take good advantage of that possibility. In this way, we can become “wiser and stronger together”.

6.1 Addressing individual blind-spots by collective analysis

6.2 Designing teams to promote synergies rather than cancellation

“Belbin’s Team Roles” by 42 Fresh Ideas
“An Interview with Dr Meredith Belbin” (recorded in 2008) by Belbin Team Roles HQ

6.3 Forms of play and other team activities that boost mutual learning

6.4 Strengths and weaknesses of wikis and other open systems

6.5 Obstacles to collaboration

Differing moral intuitions – and how to bridge these differences:

TED talk by Jonathan Haidt, 2012
TED talk by Jonathan Haidt, 2016

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